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Tamsin Calidas: I am an island

Tamsin Calidas followed her dream of moving from London to a remote Scottish island. Relocating and adjusting to island life wasn’t without its challenges, and Tamsin shares how sea swimming and finding a bond with nature has helped her overcome those difficult times, and has now started to inspire her creative work.

I love how Tamsin describes the transformative impact swimming had for her, from forcing her to face her fears, to motivating her to get up in the morning. It’s allowed her to connect with her physical self and find a sense of release, or a place of peace, while being held by the water.

Tamsin shares an extract from her book at the end of the episode, and listening to it is like being in the water, swimming alongside her.

Tamsin is a writer and photographer. Her memoir, “I Am An Island” explores the challenges we all face, and is available now.

“I Am An Island” by Tamsin Calidas is available now

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I have been bewitched by this beautiful book, and inspired by so much that mirrors my own experiences in my life. I have been spreading the message and sharing my love for this book, and can report a similar response…❤️

I have been inspired by this honest account and have been recommending it to my friends….much of the underlying message has mirrored many of my recent experiences and it was an added bonus hearing this podcast. Thanks very much…

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