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Simon Griffiths: Training for swim events

Simon Griffiths is the founder of Outdoor Swimmer magazine. He takes part in swimming events around the world and this summer he’s planning a 21km swim along a lake in Sweden.

In this episode, Simon shares his experience of open water swimming events, including how he trains for these big swim challenges, what keeps him motivated during training, and what to expect on event day. 

Episodes Outdoor swimming for beginners

Your first outdoor swim

If you’re thinking of going for your first outdoor swim, it can seem pretty daunting. In this episode I talk about how I overcame my fears and got in the water for my first ever outdoor swim, plus the advice and tips I’ve picked up since then so you know what to expect – including how to deal with monsters.

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Cold water swimming Episodes

Autumn swimming: What do you need to know?

From the leaves on the trees to the temperature of the water, things can change drastically in autumn. In this episode, I talk about steps to take to prepare for swimming this season.