Wild Swim Podcast was set up to celebrate the joy of swimming outdoors. The podcast is hosted by Jade Hanley, an outdoor swimmer from Manchester, England.

The podcast was set up in 2018. Jade shares her swimming adventures and the things she’s learnt, as well as interviews swimmers from around the world. Wild Swim Podcast collects the experiences of swimmers who’ve fallen in love with swimming outdoors. Some have taken on record-breaking and remarkable challenges, some have taken creative inspiration from the water, and others have discovered things about themselves through the power of swimming.

The podcast has advice for new open water swimmers, and anecdotes that experienced swimmers will recognise – there’s something for everyone!

The podcast is currently a one woman show, so your support means a lot. Find out how you can support the podcast.

About the host

Jade realised she was addicted to outdoor swimming after travelling for a total of 3 hours through a hailstorm to swim for 10 minutes in a freezing lake.

Jade is a year-round outdoor swimmer, mainly swimming in lakes near to her home of Manchester, England.

Jade has learnt a lot from outdoor swimming. It’s helped with her mental health and has taught her resilience – essential when stepping into a lake on a cold winter day. She’s also learnt to accept her body, which has done things she didn’t think were possible for someone like her.

Jade loves the community spirit amongst outdoor swimmers which embraces both competitive races and slow swimmers. She also likes that swimmers share her love of cake.

Through swimming, Jade has had some once in a lifetime experiences, such as swimming from the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz, and swimming in 0.9° water in Iceland. Jade is proud that she has swum in the largest lakes in England and Wales, in water as cold as 0.9°, and as far as 10km. But really, Jade doesn’t care about the numbers, and mostly enjoys outdoor swimming because of the health benefits she sees.

Her next goals are to get her ice trophy and do more swimming in other countries.

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